mahatmamagiccircle President's Night Star Lecture Luke Jermay 2017  
luke lukej lj  
Mahatma Members and guests were treated to a fantastic Star Lecture by Luke Jermay at this year's President's Night. Luke entertained the appreciative audience with a series of effects which served to demonstrate why he is one of the best mentalists around.
  mahatmamagiccircle Stars Wars themed night - May the 4th Be With You! 2017  

Our Stars Wars themed night - May the Fourth Be With You! - proved to be a big hit with members and guests. Storm Troopers Rick and Carol entertained with a couple of comedy effects, while Ali Wade took us to 'a galaxy far, far away' with his mind-reading skills. John Dixon demonstrated one of his favourite items, Matteo Borrini turned to 'the dark side' for his act and Rick also demonstrated the strength of the 'force' with a classic card matching effect.

Modern Mystic League President Ian Brown and member Paul Guy joined us for the evening and both presented very clever effects which had been appropriately adapted to fit the theme.




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may4th may4th
may4th may4th
  mahatmamagiccircle Michael Diamond Lecture 2017  
michael diamond

Last month we were treated to a truly entertaining and enthralling lecture by President Elect Michael Diamond who was ably assisted by Katie Trickett.

Michael started with a Steel Straight Jacket escape that had originally been created for the film ‘Houdini’ starring Tony Curtis.

Michael has an amazing wealth of magical knowledge at his fingertips and his brief history of escapology, including details of his personal encounter with Murray (a contemporary of Houdini whom Michael met in Blackpool when Murray was in his 80s) was very informative. It was surprising to learn (or knowing Michael perhaps not!) that the first escape Michael performed in public was at the tender age of thirteen - the Guillotine with a burning rope!

Michael is an avid collector and showed us examples of various handcuffs from his collection, including the Darby Cuff, the Ratchet Cuff, Transport Cuffs and the Hamburg 8 Handcuffs. He also provided interesting background information on each type of cuff and how they can be gimmicked.

To close the first half Michael performed a very humorous straight jacket escape, ably assisted by David Burgess!

In the second half we were introduced to more escapology items, including Thumb Cuffs, Shanghai Shackles and the Tom Horn Transport Belt as well as different types of padlocks and keys.

The final section of this fascinating lecture featured Rope escapes and Michael showed how adept he was at escaping from wrist and leg ties.

The 100 Foot Rope Escape was pretty impressive too!

Huge thanks to Michael for a great evening.

  mahatmamagiccircle Challenge Cup Competition 2017  
Well done to all competitors who took part in this year's Challenge Cup Competition. The theme of 'Native American Magic' was interpreted in many different ways and the worthy winner was Matteo Borrini.
mahatmamagiccircle AGM 2017 Highlights
Welcome to 2017 President Jemma Tynan
President Jemma thanked Brian Catlin for his highly entertaining lecture - 'And Now For Something Completely Different!
Congratulations to 2016 Austin Wand recipient Matt Gill


mahatmamagiccircle Day Of Magic no2 (2016)
Our second ‘Day of Magic’ also took place in November. Some new ideas were tried out and  proved to be very successful. Well done to Ali Wade, Orpheus Stefanakis and Matteo Borrini for providing some well-presented workshops, to everyone who took part in the ‘Fool Us’ challenge and to Matt Gill and Matteo Borrini for performing some new material to round off the day.
day of magic
mahatmamagiccircle Room 101 (2016)
At our November meeting Members attempted to persuade President Carol to consign their 'Magic Grumbles' to Room 101. With topics ranging from ‘Flying Tables’ and ‘Routining’ through to ‘Scouse Clowns’ and ‘You Tube Teenage Magicians’, there was much discussion and laughter before the final decisions were made!

room 101


mahatmamagiccircle Noel Qualter

Mahatma were delighted to welcome Noel Qualter to their recent meeting. Noel presented a fun-filled lecture of both card and non-card effects, demonstrating quite clearly why he has won the Magic Circle Originality Prize on several occasions!

qualter magic


mahatmamagiccircle Mersey Dee Competition 2016

merseydeecomp Well done to all competitors from Liverpool Magic Circle, North Wales Magic Circle, Chester Guild of Magicians and Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle for a great night of fun and truly magical entertainment at the biennial Mersey Dee Competition. Congratulations to the winning team - Chester Guild!  






Sean's lecture

was packed full of crazy commercial magic and members and guests certainly had a fun night! 'Fizz Roulette', 'Killer Dice' and '3D Spectacular' were amongst the signature effects shared with great hilarity. Thanks Sean for a superb evening's entertainment.


mahatmamagiccircle Mahatma Visit to MML

President Carol and Mahatma Members Rick Tynan, Keith Wells, Matteo Borrini and John Dixon (aka Mr Trix) travelled to Blackburn recently to entertain members and friends of The Modern Mystic League. They were given a great reception by the appreciative audience, which also included fellow Mahatma Member Bill Jenkins and his twin granddaughters who had all come along in support.

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mahatmamagiccircle Day of Magic with Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle

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The first ever Mahatma Day of Magic exclusive for Members took place on Saturday 16th April. With a mixture of performances, workshops, lectures and 'magic challenges' there was something for everyone to enjoy. Such was its success that it will now become a twice yearly event!