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‘The Love of Magic’

Report by Carol Tynan.

Given that the subject matter for the evening was chosen to reflect its proximity to Valentine’s Day, was it magic, or just a coincidence, that fourteen members attended Mahatma’s latest Zoom meeting?

Matthew Redmond was first to perform with an effect evolved and adapted from ‘Gemini Twins’. This cleverly utilises a matching pair routine and is suitable for couples. Matt has used it with great success at weddings.

Matt Gill was up next and provided a revue of some mentalism effects. The first of these was ‘Kissing Roulette’, full details of which can be found in Max Velluci’s book, Brain Games. This is an impromptu effect that can be created using your own business cards - and at the end the mentalist might receive a kiss! Matt’s personal presentation of the effect is inspired by Andy Nyman’s ‘Dice Man’.

Matt also discussed effects using a mobile phone, including one using a lay person’s phone that never leaves their hands!

Matt generously shared several tips for successful mentalism, always fully referencing his sources.


Paul Sylvester then shared ‘Tinder Surprise’. Based on an original effect in Anneman’s ‘Practical Mental Magic’, Paul’s alternative version makes the most of his trademark humour!


Rick Tynan then expertly performed two items with presentations suitable for two helpers – Shoot Ogawa’s ‘Ninja Rings’ and Matthew Underhill’s ‘One’.

John Parry was next to perform and delighted the Zoom audience with a version of ‘Anniversary Waltz’ which had a clever twist – all the cards used were blank!

The penultimate act of the evening was Dean James. Citing Banacheck and Mark Elsdon as his inspirations, Dean performed an impressive Truth or Lie effect with the assistance of President Matteo.

To close the session, President Matteo showed some of his collectible items relating to the theme of love, including several packs of cards from the 1970s. The main item that he demonstrated was a beautifully crafted ‘Heart of Gold’ by Mikame, explaining how he used this item to produce the wedding rings at a friend’s wedding. This time he produced something very close to his own heart – a Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle pin badge!

Thanks to all who attended and those who took part for another enjoyable Mahatma Meeting.

Don’t lose the magic!