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‘Tricks with Glasses’

Report by Carol Tynan

Following close of business at the January AGM, members were invited to perform an effect linked to the theme of ‘Tricks with Glasses’.

I elected to go first - with a card effect! However, before attempting the ‘impossible’, I needed to ensure that my dashing volunteer, Paul Sylvester, was able to see everything on the screen clearly, so I gave him an impromptu sight test.

Then, under his watchful gaze, a card was cut to, shown to Paul (and the rest of the audience) and returned to the pack.

Now it was time for the tricky part – naming the card that Paul had seen! Luckily, the optician who sold me the sight-test glasses case had also recommended some good ‘reading glasses’. Unfortunately, these proved not to be as good at reading minds as they were for reading books – I apparently named the incorrect card!

I say ‘apparently’ as it was quite possible that, despite passing the first eye test, Paul had not seen the cut-to card correctly. So, it was time for one more sight test… before the reveal!

Next to perform was the intrepid Brian Catlin, who entertained with a highly visual ‘Wine Glass Aces’ routine, where the Aces rise to the face of the pack in a wine glass. Brian generously shared the moves involved, referencing Alan Shaxon and Earl Nelson as his sources.

Rick Tynan then followed with a ‘Glass and Ball’ routine that mystified and amazed the audience with its spectacular ‘fruity’ ending.

Up next was John Parry, sharing a ‘Bank Note to Credit Card’ effect that he had been working on. This turned out to be a clever piece of engineering which John was happy to demonstrate in detail.

Dean James then performed a mentalism effect, deriving a randomly selected number from a member of the audience before revealing that it matched the prediction in the envelope in the wallet he had shown at the beginning of the routine.

Last, but not least, President Matteo presented a ‘Glass in Cabinet Escape’. Showing the cabinet to be completely empty, the glass was placed inside and chained in position. The cabinet was then locked, held aloft… and the glass escaped the chain!

And thus, a very enjoyable session came to an end. President Matteo thanked everyone who took part… and all those who stayed and watched to the end!

Don’t lose the magic!