Challenge Cup Competition 2023

Many thanks to all Mahatma members that attended the Challenge Cup Competition last night!

The theme of the evening was ‘Telling a story with magic’ set by last year’s winner Adam Dadswell who then proceeded to open the evening with an astonishing performance of psychological based mind reading before the competition began which featured a fantastic playing card levitation from Mark Roberts Magician followed by some amazing coin magic from Javier Hinojo.

The evening also featured an audition from new member Neil Fairbrother with an extremely unique balloon modelling based mentalism routine!

‘Magic’s Best Kept Secret’ Paul Sylvester also performed a hilarious storytelling comedy magic set, which concluded with a classic ashes on the arm prediction and Alan Coventry then mesmerised everyone with a wonderful story telling paddle routine.

Keith Wells rounded off the evening with a brilliant motivational performance featuring a very thought provoking true story which connected with everyone in the room.

The highlight of the evening was a performance of the McDonald’s Aces..with a difference… from Orfeas Stefanakis with his character ‘Dark Leonardo’… Why was this different?? ..Well…Leonardo rapped his way through the routine creating an awesome original presentation in the process! At the same time this didn’t take the focus of the incredible sleights on display here which all combined led to this being voted the winning performance!

Congratulations Orfeus/Leonardo for a well deserved Challenge Cup victory!

Thank you as well to everyone that performed on an excellent evening of magic for Mahatma! Together we make magic great ….again!

challenge cup 2023

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