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‘Room 202’(March 2021)

Report by Carol Tynan.

Matt Gill, who originally suggested the theme for the meeting, took the helm for what proved to be a lively, enjoyable and informative evening. Members were invited to recommend a magic-related item to be saved in Room 202 for posterity. But first they had to convince President Matteo (who played ‘Devil’s Advocate’ for each item - a role he took to extremely well!)  of the value of their items! 

Matt Redmond was first to plead a case for Linking Rings, stating that it is an extremely adaptable piece of magic that has survived the test of time. However, despite a very well-reasoned argument, President Matteo at first decided that it should not go in Room 202. Several members hastened to join the discussion in support of the item, which was eventually saved thanks to its undoubted intrinsic entertainment value when performed in the right hands – including those of Matt himself! 

Orpheus Stefanakis then spoke in favour of another classic of magic – Cups and Balls. This was an unexpected choice from one of Mahatma’s most dedicated Mentalists, but Orpheus explained that, in collaboration with President Matteo, he has recently been studying this apparatus and now has a new-found respect and appreciation for this effect. However, despite his aforementioned involvement in the Cups and Balls project, President Matteo once again denied access to Room 202! Another interesting debate ensued amongst members in an effort to sway the result in favour of the item, with several worthy performers, including Michael AmmarJason Latimer and Yann Frisch, cited as celebrated exponents of the effect. Cups and Balls entered Room 202! [Click on their names to view their respective performances] 

Rick Tynan was next… his entry for Room 202 being The Memory of Paul Daniels. As luck would have it, he had video extracts ready to share of the great man performing the effects now in Room 202! [Click images to view] 

OK, so the second video is technically a Chop Cup routine, but the general principles still apply! President Matteo understandably found it difficult to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ this time, but he made a valiant effort with a very reasoned argument! However, the outcome was probably inevitable from the start – the ‘Memory of Paul Daniels’ was ceremoniously placed into Room 202.

We then had a series of Card Magic items vying for inclusion in Room 202. It is not appropriate to reveal the full details of each, but suffice it to say that Adam DadswellJohn ParryGary Butler and Keith Wells all argued their cases successfully! 


Dean Humpage then made a case for the Peek Wallet, which, after another lively and knowledgeable debate, went into Rom 202 - although Dean nearly lost the case when, by his own admission, he said that he was not entirely happy with one he had recently purchased! 

Paul Sylvester then asked for the notion of Simplicity to be allowed into Room 202. He  explained that the premise of the idea was to make complex actions look simple and used some of his own signature card routines as examples. Room 202 it was! 

The final item to aim for a place in the, by now, very over-crowded Room 202 was Ken Webber’s ‘Maximum Entertainment’.  This book was given a strong recommendation by Matt Gill who had found it to be an extremely useful source of material when putting together his Edinburgh Fringe Shows. As Matt had steered the evening’s event so skilfully, it seemed only fitting that President Matteo allowed Matt’s item into Room 202! 

Thank you to everyone who joined the meeting and especially those who took part.


Don’t lose the magic!